2021 House Lighting Contest

     This second annual friendly competition of Christmas display lights will be in tribute to John Briscoe.  John, a lifetime resident of Keokuk, always showed his Christmas spirit as he had a yearly beautiful mini City of Christmas light display in his own yard.  After his passing, all of his beautiful light displays were donated to the Keokuk City of Christmas. 

      The City of Christmas team would like to acknowledge and thank all of the contestants for participating and adding their wonderful light displays to make the Keokuk Area a drive-in destination for Christmas sightseers.

      A committee of judges decided the winners of the contest.  The winners of this impromptu competition were announced on December 18, 2021:

Here are the winners for this year's contest!


1st: James and Katie Bierwirth

   2301 Grand Avenue Keokuk

2nd: Bryan and Michelle Brown

   1423 Carroll St Street Keokuk

3rd: Crystal Pitman

   602 Sth 2nd Street Keokuk

   Best in Show

1st: Dustin Marmion

   750 east county road 1200 Warsaw

2nd: Dan Ryland and Kristina Perez

   1807 Orleans Avenue Keokuk

3rd: Andrew and Renee Whitaker

   931 Eicher Street Keokuk

Here are the 2021 Contestant Addresses:

In Keokuk, IA:

     602 S. Second St.

     1812 Des Moines St.

     1327 Timea St.

     1521 Carroll St.

     528 Hawthorne Place

     318 Hawthorne Place

     2301 Grand Ave

     25 King St.

     931 Eicher St.

     1807 Orleans Ave

     1008 Orleans Ave

In Montrose, IA:

     10 Elm St.

     108 Chestnut St.

In Hamilton, IL:

     1551 Broadway

     1328 Casley Dr. (2020 Winner)

     20 Westview Dr.

In Carthage, IL

     908 Main St.

In Hancock County, IL

     1674 Hwy 136

     1891 N. County Road 890

     750 East County Road 1200