2021 House Lighting Contest

     This second annual friendly competition of Christmas display lights will be in tribute to John Briscoe.  John, a lifetime resident of Keokuk, always showed his Christmas spirit as he had a yearly beautiful mini City of Christmas light display in his own yard.  After his passing, all of his beautiful light displays were donated to the Keokuk City of Christmas. 

      To be entered into the 2021 contest, contact Michelle Houghton at mshuman13@hotmail.com or message the Keokuk City of Christmas Facebook page. Entries must be in by December 1, 2021. The contest is open to residents in Iowa - Keokuk, Montrose; Illinois - Hamilton, Warsaw, Carthage and Missouri - Alexandria, Wayland.

       The City of Christmas team would like to acknowledge and thank all of the contestants for participating and adding their wonderful light displays to make the Keokuk Area a drive-in destination for Christmas sightseers.

     Addresses of the contestants will be listed here.  The winners of this impromptu competition will be announced on December 18, 2021.